SANQUAN HK are always consistent since 1998, dedicated to assisting our customers to quickly and accurately find obsolete, end-of-life, hard-to-find parts, and acquire authentic common-useds parts at competitive prices. We profoundly understand that the difficulty of sourcing obsolete electronic components. SANQUAN HK achieved more than 20 years of experience in the market of electronic components purchase, research and development.

Buyers should always spend up to 60% of their procurement time, as twice as finding conventional parts.Based on this challenge, we consistently optimize our in-stock inventory and a global network of suppliers to reduce your procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

SANQUAN HK will always be the right partner for searching common standard products, special products to be procured customer-specifically or difficult bottleneck components. Our core competence is the short-term procurement of stock components as well as parts with long delivery times. We procure and market active, passive and mechanical components worldwide, and secure large stock to maintain clients normal electronic manufacturing services and original equipment productions. Our greatest motivation is to be a solid bridge between leading manufacturing factories and European clients, providing them with cost-effective, top quality solutions.

With high quality service, SANQUAN HK has successfully been supplying the automotive, medical, industrial, automation, telecommunications, data technology and aerospace industries with their specific requirements. SANQUAN HK has several warehouses in European and Asia countries to achieve flexible transport methods to deliver in the shortest time under efficient logistic services. As an independent distributor, we take all necessary quality control steps to reduce residual risks. Comprehensive quality assurance with regard to the selection and control of the delivered components is the focus of our corporate values. Our mission is to meet our customers expectations in terms of quality, product variety and service at all times. The high flexibility in the implementation of customer needs is an obvious approach for SANQUAN HK. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important success factors for quality and service-oriented companies. That is why we only supply our customers with high-quality components from safe sources. We attach great importance to open communication and transparency. Information and communication are the most important building blocks for mutual trust and long-term cooperation based on partnership.


SANQUAN HK have based our corporate culture on these values: commitment, reliability, independence and sustainability form the foundations of our daily activities and are reflected in our work and our company policies. Our top priority is that we treat everyone in a respectful, appreciative way – be they employees, customers, suppliers or partners.


Our success factors are economic action, customer - and market-oriented independent thinking. Only in this way can we maintain and expand our position as an international independent distributor in the future.


We want to achieve optimum procurement quality by choosing quality-conscious suppliers. Qualitatively flawless products offer the quality basis for fulfilling the customer's requirements.


Our corporate guidelines formulate what we are striving for. They serve us to orient our daily actions and form the foundation for satisfied customers.


As a customer-oriented supplier with a comprehensive understanding of details, we make an essential contribution to the competitiveness of our customers. With quality, reliability and adherence to delivery dates, we consistently meet the requirements of our customers.


It is part of our company’s philosophy to act in an economically and ecologically sustainable way, even if the electrical industry’s are facing great difficulties on material supply . Another challenge is the rapidly advancing trend toward digitization.

We take responsibility for our activities not just because we are a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and employees, but also out of concern for society as a whole.

When it comes to economic as well as social matters, we always think and act conscientiously and in line with the highest ethical standards.

We Serve Customers From a Wide Range of Areas